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Guns: Armed Citizens Stop Active Shooters | National Review

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He buys scratch tickets, in the morning time. He buys coffee. Since the s, there has been a rapid spread of states allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms. Concealed carry is now permitted in all 50 states, although permitting rules differ. Most require a permit but several do not, including Vermont, West Virginia, Alaska, and Wyoming, and the permit-free movement is poised to spread.

Many gun rights supporters refer to "constitutional carry," reflecting their belief that the Second Amendment, or state amendments, make private handguns a constitutional right.


Fifty-six percent of Americans believe the US would be safer if more people carried concealed weapons, after undergoing training and a background check, according to a Gallup Poll. Pro-carry advocates have frequently argued that armed citizens could have prevented some of the country's worst mass shootings, from Sandy Hook Elementary School to the Aurora, Colorado shooting. The claim that mass shooters specifically target gun-free locations may be exaggerated. Just 13 percent of the mass shootings between and took place in gun-free public places, according to a report by Everytown for Gun Safety, a pro-gun-control group.

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The same study found that 43 percent of those shooters died during the attack, suggesting that their own safety from other gun-wielders was not a concern. But mass shootings, defined as incidents that kill four or more people, represent just a sliver of gun violence in the US.

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Nailing down statistics to support or refute the "good guy with a gun" safety theory is complicated, analysts say, as is studying whether right to carry RTC laws increase or decrease crime in the first place. Mustard argued in the late s that RTC had reduced violent crime.

Their findings, however, were inconclusive. A follow-up study at Stanford, however, included data up to to try and clarify their findings. Donohue III said. There are several examples of RTC stopping violent crime , however, including two in the past year. But self-defense statistics are hard to come by, particularly since gun permit holders may be defending themselves against a variety of attacks or weapons.

But he calls the imagery "very powerful. Already a subscriber? Asked of those dissatisfied with U. Do you have a gun in your home? Gun Ownership: in Home or on Property.

Photos: war-ready Ukrainians pose with their household guns

Do you have a gun anywhere else on your property such as in your garage, barn, shed, or in your car or truck? Do you personally own a gun, or do the gun or guns in your household belong to another household member? Are you for or against a law which would make it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles? What is your overall opinion of the National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA -- is it very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable or very unfavorable? Please tell me whether you favor or oppose each of the following approaches to prevent mass shootings at schools.

If you had to choose, which approach to preventing future school shootings should the president and Congress focus on -- [ROTATED: making major changes to the laws on the sale of guns and ammunition, or making major changes to school security measures and the mental health system]? In terms of gun laws in the United States, which of the following would you prefer to see happen -- [ROTATE: enforce the current gun laws more strictly and NOT pass new gun laws or pass new gun laws in addition to enforcing the current laws more strictly]?

Please say whether you favor or oppose each of the following. Thinking about how the gun issue might affect your vote for major offices, would you -- only vote for a candidate who shares your views on gun control, would you consider a candidate's position on gun control as just one of many important factors when voting, or would you not consider gun control a major issue?

How worried are you that you or someone in your family will become a victim of a mass shooting -- very worried, somewhat worried, not too worried or not worried at all? If new gun control laws were passed, do you think it would reduce the number of mass shootings in the U. Republican Party Democratic Party Neither vol.

Would you favor or oppose a law which would require universal background checks for all gun purchases in the U. If such a law were passed, do you think it would reduce the number of mass shootings in the U. Suppose more Americans were allowed to carry concealed weapons if they passed a criminal background check and training course.

If more Americans carried concealed weapons, would the United States be safer or less safe? Safer More dangerous Depends vol.

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Asked of gun owners There are many reasons why some people choose to own guns and others do not. What are some of the reasons why you own a gun? Thinking about mass shootings that have occurred in the United States in recent years, from what you know or have read, how much do you think each of the following factors is to blame for the shootings -- a great deal, a fair amount, not much or not at all?

How about -- Easy access to guns? How about -- Violence in movies, video games and music lyrics?