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On the night of October 22, , Dee worked routine patrol.

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At p. These are the last words she spoke over her handheld radio:. You want to put down the gun. Come on, do me the favor and put down the gun Cain found Dee on the ground next to her truck.

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She'd been shot in the back her the head, and she was dead. Officer Cain moved the gun closer to the truck and called for back-up. The only back-up available was volunteer fire chief, Kent Brown, and two EMS workers, including the one Jones had filed a sexual harassment complaint against.

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The men lifted her body onto a gurney and transported it to the ferry dock. The body was left there, uncovered, for all of the public to see as they went on or off the ferry. Yes, this really happened in the 20th century. The death was immediately determined to be a homicide. A wedding of a prominent Bald Island family was scheduled to start just a few short hours later, and it was determined the newlyweds shouldn't have to look at the mess. It was destroyed. I was horrified by the way the body was handled, but the way the investigation was handled was equally horrifying. I was shocked -- totally shocked.

I raised hell and was sent home. Grasty is no longer the police chief. He had been under investigation for several crimes, including embezzlement, sexual harassment, and showing up at crime scenes intoxicated.

Murder on the Cape Fear

The list of suspects is lengthy. Allegations of large drug transactions on the island had plagued the community for months. Rumors tore through the Black neighborhoods. Gunfire erupted.

Unarmed Black men scattered in all directions and were gunned down. Violence quickly spread. Wilmington Light Infantry machine gun crew. As bullets were still flying, Waddell threw out the democratically-elected aldermen and installed his own. After the riot, thousands of Black citizens fled. In , the North Carolina legislature effectively stripped African Americans of the vote through the grandfather clause and ushered in the worst of the Jim Crow laws. Read about more massacres in U.

By Linda Christensen.

Students need to learn the hidden history of the Tulsa Race Riot massacre and how this links to racial wealth inequality today. Teaching Activity. Students meet dozens of advocates and recipients of reparations from a variety of historical eras to grapple with the possibility of reparations now and in the future. By Adam Sanchez and Nqobile Mthethwa.

2 teen swimmers found dead after Cape Fear River search

Behind her, trucks rumble across the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Dorothy Hodder: "I'm just sure this is the house that Wanda Canada describes in the climax of her first novel, "Island Murders. Canada hears this sort of thing a lot. Living where her characters murder, and are murdered, means trying to fend off those who see real issues, and people, in her fictional mayhem.

Canada: "And, you know, I try not to use real characters, I use a composite of people I've known forever, but they still think they know the situation and know the people. It keeps people's interest.

source url But when they say, 'how do you get away with that? Historical novelist Dewey Lambdin doesn't fear lawsuits. But messing around with the past in a city as enamored of its history as Wilmington, does have it's own perils.

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Lambdin's new book, "What Lies Buried" is the first in what he hopes will be a series of mysteries set in pre-revolutionary Wilmington. And though real historical events loom up throughout the book, Lambdin says, sometimes the details need to be fudged. Dewey Lambdin: "As far as where people actually lived, those were educated guesses.