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He can only be helped. But he must direct himself, and he must direct himself toward performance and contribution, that is, toward effectiveness. If you can be, the person telling you what to do is an executive, not you.

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You can only be assisted in finding out what needs to be done; everything else is up to you. Take ownership of your work and direct yourself to success by focusing on opportunities and doing what needs to be done.

Executive Order

The ability to be effective is really just the use of efficient practices. Consistent use of these practices become habits, and these habits lead to effectiveness. The most important thing you can manage is not people or budgets, but time. Depending on your role, you may need to manage people or budgets, but you will always have to manage your time. And what you do with that time determines how effective you are. Time management must be conscious for time is a non-renewable resource. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance. As an executive, you are part of an organization, either as a leader or an integral part of it.

You could try to teach Joe Montana to throw left-handed, but why? Staffing from strength is taking advantage of the talent you have to build an effective organization. Having confidence in yourself and your decisions is vital to becoming an effective executive. An unsure person wavers on decisions and second-guesses their actions, but an effective executive is constantly moving forward. Dwelling on past mistakes is not actionable. And you know that even if you have made mistakes in the past, you have the know-how and capacity to make up for them and still obtain incredible results. Multi-tasking may be the norm these days, but it is single-tasking that makes you effective.

You have far more to-do than can reasonably be done, and the fastest way to get from one task to another is to focus on that one thing until it is completed. When you are deciding on which tasks to focus, choose the one that will have the biggest impact and will make a difference. Often times this will take courage as the biggest opportunities come with the biggest perceived risk. But your job as an effective executive is not to play it safe or maintain the status quo, it is to strive for excellence.

Concentrating your contributions to those opportunities that can make a difference makes all the difference in your level of effectiveness. The Fortune favors the bold. If something out of the ordinary does arise, or circumstances change, you should make the decision that is both best for the situation and that can be reapplied again if necessary.

Claims regarding Obama’s use of executive orders and presidential memoranda

And Special Forces often disguise themselves in local civilian clothing just like a spy. The script was changed not to reflect what really goes on in US Special Forces operations, but to reflect the public face of the US in respecting the Geneva Convention and its treaties.

Somehow this blast a large hole in the fuselage, causing an explosive decompression of the cabin. The terrorists have no way of knowing that the non-existent aircraft with the Inspector Gadget tunnel would sneak several Special Forces soldiers aboard. They have no reason to suspect that someone might try to defuse the bomb, thus no motive for setting up a dummy or making the real bomb so difficult to stop.

All of this only exists to try to provide some sense of tension in the middle of this one-act story. They care a lot more about being shown in a positive light than they do about being shown accurately. They also evidently had no problems with the absurd stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims throughout the script.

Manchac Networks : Executive Decisions

But the terrorists are especially simplistic — we never learn anything about them, never find out what their motives are or what caused them to take up arms. Now, we know that the DOD do sometimes object to depictions of foreign peoples and countries, as they did with Clear and Present Danger. But with Executive Decision there was no such problem. The DOD reviewed the script and found nothing politically objectionable.

This may well be because lots of US movies get exported to Latin America, so the Pentagon are wary of supporting films containing racist stereotypes about Latin Americans. As a result, when the film was released it met with strong criticism from various Arab and Islamic organisations, objecting to the very negative images. I think this is ridiculous. There are many reasons why I find such interpretations to be idiotic. The first is that they are completely unfalsifiable.

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If someone claims that the number 1 is an important number in the occult, and then claims the number 2 is also very important, and the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 are also very important numbers, then what are they actually saying? In which case they might as well be saying absolutely nothing. So this mode of interpretation is entirely based on emotion, primarily on suspicion, rather than on information that is sometimes applicable and sometimes not. To them, the symbol inherently has some kind of occult power or significance.

This is complete bullshit, because anyone with any background in semiotics knows that the relationship between signifier and signified is arbitrary. The symbols we use to represent things have no direct relationship with the things they are representing.

As such, a triangle in a pop music video is just a triangle. Everything else — about its meaning, significance, why someone might have chosen to put it there — is interpretation. Put another way, the occult is in the eye of the beholder. They turn their own intepretations into established facts and then try to have a conversation about them.

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  • Nonetheless, there are elements of Executive Decision that are worth highlighting. Islamic terrorists hijack a plane to try to force the US government to release the leader of their group. In the film the plot is a suicide attack designed to kill thousands of people, though the exact nature of the plot is unclear.

    At one point it is suggested that the terrorists will blow up the plane in mid-air, using the explosion to spread a stolen Russian nerve agent all over Washington DC. At other moments it is implied they will dive-bomb the plane into the city. In the film the plane is coming across the Atlantic, giving the US more time to respond.

    As it approaches the Eastern seaboard they send up two Navy fighters on a NATO training exercise to intercept the flight, with the intention of shooting it down before it can strike its target.

    Executive Decision () - Financial Information

    This evokes a very similar set of circumstances to what many people believe happened with United 93, that the US military shot it down over Pennsylvania. They believe they are doing a conventional hijacking where you land the plane at an airport and issue a list of demands. Unfortunately I cannot find a copy of this episode of Panorama but the transcript is available on the BBC website. He denied this, saying:. The interviewer then asked if he ever thought he should go tell the generals, just in case.

    Strub replied:. Well, no, no not really. Of course, at the time the BBC was asking these questions it was not publicly known that the US military had not only conceived of this kind of attack but had repeatedly run training exercises to learn how to prevent it. Almost all of our contemporary and recent war films have been unconventional or irregular war movies, which conveniently matches up with a long-term shift in thinking by our military leadership.

    Since then, Hollywood has come to specialise in unconventional and irregular warfare movies, whereby a small group or a lone hero works alongside local brown people to fight an enemy.