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First-graders hold a rally to end homelessness, drafting letters to the mayor, creating posters, and writing a song about the issue. Third-graders blend social-emotional learning and literacy by pointing out examples of characters showing empathy in the books they are reading.

Citizens of the World Documentary

In fourth grade, students learn about the Gold Rush by writing journal entries from different points of view — mine owners, white workers, and the women and people of color who worked alongside them. Currently, classroom teachers use a social mapping tool that shows friendship networks within a classroom, helping to identify patterns across lines of similarity or difference, provide feedback on which students might need help connecting with peers, and measure the cohesion of a classroom over time. The path that led to the first Citizens of the World school began when Dragon started investigating elementary schools for her daughter.

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Growing up as a mixed-race child in a highly segregated area of Atlanta shaped the way Dragon thought about education — and she wanted something different for her child. Dragon joined the board of an intentionally diverse charter school that boasted strong test scores and long waiting lists and ultimately expanded by co-founding a new charter network. Citizens of the World Charter School Hollywood opened in , and over the next three years, the network opened two more elementary schools in other Los Angeles neighborhoods — and it has grown to include middle grades as well.

All three Los Angeles schools enroll racially and socioeconomically diverse populations reflecting the neighborhoods they serve. In , network representatives began meeting with parents in Brooklyn about opening schools in New York.

Citizens of the World Charter Schools

From the start, the network opted for a governance model that emphasized local control. But though the meetings ultimately led to a successful charter application to open two schools in Brooklyn, they also generated community backlash. A parent group sued the State University of New York, the charter authorizer, charging that it ignored community opposition. Instructionally, the schools also did not fully implement the network model, in large part because they had trouble hiring teachers and leaders with experience in project-based learning, according to national staff.

Even after community opposition quieted down, the schools never reached the diverse enrollment they had hoped to achieve, and they struggled with transitions in leadership. What happened in Brooklyn was sobering. The same fall that the two New York schools opened, the Midtown Community School Initiative, a group of parents in Kansas City, issued a Request for Proposals to create a new public school to serve the diverse Midtown neighborhood.

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Citizens of the World applied. In January , the network received a partnership offer. Parents were eager to get a new school opened — some hoping for a place to send their children when they were ready for kindergarten.

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But mindful of the challenges and mistakes of the New York expansion, the network insisted on a slow process of community engagement and planning, as well as direct management of the Kansas City operation, rather than local control. Will our kids contribute to society in a way that makes the world a better place? Will they know how to collaborate across lines of difference?

Will they develop compassion? At CWC, lessons are imbued with principles of social-emotional learning.

Citizens of Earth

The interpersonal relationships fostered by the students help them achieve greater understanding and defuse conflicts that arise. Students who have fewer connections to others are given extra attention to help draw them out or identify what might be prompting their isolation.

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  • Citizens of the World CEO and founder, Kriste Dragon, talks about students having opportunities to interact with diverse peers and with a diverse curriculum. Read more. Skip to content. I believe in their capacity to learn, love and live meaningful lives. At our best, we as educators create the conditions in which children realize their potential. From academic achievement to relationships that span racial and economic divides, our responsibility is to ensure that our children become true citizens of the world.